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In this 2½-hour cooking class and lunch, I will demystify the art of making sourdough bread. Homemade bread has been part of my life for as long long as I can remember. I watched my dear Irish mother who started by grinding the wheat on a little mill we had in the laundry. While Irish soda bread was her staple, she also made yeast breads. Having watched and helped her for so long, I can say I find the sourdough bread process to be is the simplest bread I have ever made.
Using just flour and water with a little salt and oil to taste, I teach you how to make the yummiest sourdough, which is not only tasty, but gentle on your stomach.
Using the same ingredients, I also show you how to make flat breads, a skill my daughter learnt while living in an ashram in Nepal for six months. These breads formed the basis of the Nepalese diet. We find them perfect for homemade souvlakis and dips.
And we will make sourdough crisps. You will never need to buy biscuits to go with your dips and cheeses again. 
Participants will also learn how to marinade and cook the lamb, and make tzatziki dip. The class ends with everyone enjoying our homemade souvlakis together.
Enjoy this hands-on cooking experience that demystifies these life-sustaining staples, leaves you armed with not only the skills and recipes, but the  sourdough culture so you can enjoy the process in your own home.
This is a great class to enjoy on a hen's weekend or with family and friends. Group discounts available.

Fit for Life Sourdough Cooking Class

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