Things to know 

While Kanturk Country Retreat sleeps 19 people, the base price to book the three cottages assumes there are 8 people booked in - two in The Pool House, two in The Sixth Hole and 4 in Kookaburra Cottage. Additional guests are charge $95 per person. Bookings to just one cottage are charged accordingly. Due respect must be shown to the guests in the other cottages.


Private property

The house inside the driveway circle is our home and is private property. The rest of the property is for you to enjoy. Let us know what you are particularly interested in so we can ensure it is ready for use when you arrive. 

Welcoming party

Our little dogs Marley, Hendrix and Lulu will join the welcoming party on arrival. They are very friendly little dogs - toy poodles and a Maltese terrier. Please let us know if you don't like dogs and we will keep them inside. The golf course, tennis court and swimming pool are shared facilities for the use of all guests.


Day guests

We are legally responsible for anyone who is on the property, not only for management of facilities, to cover insurance, but also in the event that we need to evacuate the property. For this reason it is our policy to charge a $20 fee per person for day-guests to visit. We feel this is a nominal fee considering what we offer. Even so, we only allow day-guests by prior arrangement. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of bond.

Heating and cooling

All cottages have reverse cycle heating and cooling. The reverse cycle units are turned on by pushing the red button on the remote. Select either the snow flake (cooling) or the sun (heating). Adjust the temperature accordingly. Please turn the units off when you leave the cottages.


Music and noise

Good relations with our neighbours is something we value as very important to our business, we all living in this environment for the peace and serenity it offers. As such we don't allow excessive loud music which may affect the amenity of the area. We provide CD players in all the cottages. We ask that music played outdoors is played at a reasonable level and turned off by 9pm. We ask that guests consider neighbours and other guests when playing music. 


Behaviour by the pool

There is no bombing, running or boisterous behaviour allowed at the pool and no glassware or bottles allowed poolside. Plastic 'glassware' is provided. Please hang towels on the clothesline and don't leave them on the pool chairs. Also if you have a bbq in the pool pavilion, clean up after use and leave it as you found it returning food etc to your cottage fridge. The pool pavilion fridge is for use during a bbq only. Clean the bbq for the use of other guests. If you have inflatable toys for use at the pool, please take them back to your cottage after use. If behaviour causes a disturbance to the amenity of the area, such as a complaint from a neighbour or the police, $300 will be deducted from your bond.

Excess rubbish

We try to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible, and sort rubbish so it can be effectively disposed of as easily as possibly, also our local tip accepts recyclables only to facilitate this we provide a recycle bin (with a yellow lid) for bottles, cans and cardboard and a green rubbish bin for general rubbish. If you have rubbish in excess of this, please put them into appropriate garbage bags beside the appropriate bin. You will be charged a rubbish disposal fee of $120. If the rubbish has to be sorted, you will be charged a fee of $50 per bag. 



Tel: 0427 293 464

100 West Road Langwarrin South, Victoria 3911, Australia

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